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Do-Bravnik, Again

August 31, 2021

Last September, 2020 I enjoyed a quiet trip through Croatia, through the empty streets, due to the covid. With the opportunity to go again with my "old" college friend Erika, I booked some places and left other days empty so we could go where the wind blew. All the new testing and QR code online forms to have ready at the airports along the way was a bit overwhelming and we missed some details but were able to scramble and pull everything together. After 24 hours or so of travel we landed in Dubrovnik. A bus from the airport deposited us at the Ploče gate to the Old Town and we found our way to our apartment. I am somewhat embarrassed about the kind of silliness which ensued due to exhaustion and the related delirium, but not too embarrassed to post it here....

It's not terribly flattering...but we got a huge laugh. Hope you do too.

September 1, 2021

After a solid night of sleep we headed out this morning at the crack of 10:00 to do the tourist walk on the Wall of Dubrovnik. The colors of the tile roofs and the blue sea are an amazing contrast. Stairs and stairs. It's a theme here. Afterward we wandered up the coast a stroll to find a cafe on the water I went last year. A nice lunch left us requiring a nap back at the apt.

The plan for the afternoon was to take the cable car to the top of the mountain above the city and catch the sunset. However, high winds foiled that plan so instead, we picked a sidewalk restaurant and enjoyed a long and chatty dinner. The streets were full of people having gelato, a smoke, a drink, a coffee...talking, laughing. There were kids kicking a soccer ball against the side of the ancient church in the square. The pace is slow, not hurried. It feels very much like people are present in this moment. A walk along the harbor and another massive stair climb brought us back to the apartment where we closed out the day in the warm still air on the terrace. It is well with my soul.

Good night Dubrovnik.

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