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I'm Sherry Hougard.

I'm a daughter, sister, wife and mom.   Taking care of home and family has been my career...  but I do a little bit of everything and love a new challenge.

I have 3 grown-ish kids and am quickly being phased out of my Mom/Dictator/Chauffer/CEO  role and moving toward more of a consultant position... which means I have quite a bit of time on my hands to get into trouble.

I am an Adventurer and explorer.  I love to travel and plan trips for myself and for others.  I have the wanderlust gene  (DRD4-7R. gene )  It's a thing... I can't help it.  I leave home as often as possible.  Road trips, hiking trips... It all sounds good to me.

( follow my travel adventures on my blog page here and on  instagram

@wander wrecked )

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I'm just trying to "live my best life"...and figure out exactly what that means... and what that looks like.  Understanding  how to receive and give myself grace has been a major factor of that process. Faith is the foundation I stand on as I learn to live courageously in all aspects of my life. 

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