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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We are all in a waiting period for our current situation to change and get better.

Some of my thoughts while in this space:

While we wait...

-We are not at a stand still. Things are happening and changing all the time. We just may not be able to see what's going on (in the physical world and the spiritual realm)

-We will all be changed through this situation

-Waiting can be used for preparation

-We can nurture relationships

-We can be productive or just pass the time

-We can take time for some guilt free rest

-We can hone our craft...strengthen our muscle...sharpen our knowledge, deepen our wisdom, clarify our focus, define our target

-We can spend time dreaming

-We can strategize and try to make a plan

While I may not have any power about having to wait, I do have options and freedom to choose how I wait.

Longing for Normalcy...

-Many of us talk about wanting to return to our old Normal, our old familiar way of much as we may have complained about 2019, at least the familiarity of it made it seem more comfortable than where we are right now.

-It is impossible for us to be the Normal we were this time last year.

-Not everyone has a voice to speak about what wasn't great about the old Normal or what they would hope for in the future.

-Not everyone's way of life was comfortable just because it was familiar. There are abuses and atrocities unspeakable... even inconceivable, there is slavery and persecution, trafficking... sadly that list is long.

-What lay in the old Normal was unbridled greed, an insatiable hunger for power and position, a disregard of truth and integrity, rampant disrespect, shameless hate, selfishness and murder in the name of "reproductive rights", pharmaceutical "solutions" for heart, soul, spirit diseases...

I must reconsider my desire for the world to return to old Normal.

New Normal...

-I'd like a new Normal to include a more mindful approach to living... less use, less waste, more value, less throw away culture (a more simple, old school way of life)

-I want to experience a greater longing for God's way of life and heart for his people (humble, service oriented, pursuit of wisdom, an "other's first" way of living)

-I want a Normal where there is respect for the value of all human life... the pre-born to the old and frail, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu...every skin tone, every identification, regardless of position. The value is in the humanity...God's creation. Celebrating our sameness. Enriched by our differentness.

-I would love to see people filled with confidence, positivity, joy, trust and vulnerability and love that allows us to live without fear.

This seems idealistic and not possible.

We will all emerge into a new normal... as a world, within our own countries, states, cities and neighborhoods, families, and finally we will emerge from this waiting period into a new way of life as changed individuals. As I look at what I've wish listed for the New Normal above, it seems idealistic and impossible. Except for what happens in my own heart and mind and in my actions everything is beyond my responsibility... my own ability.

Living out my new Normal wish list is possible though for me as an individual.

I can be the change I want to see.

So can you.

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