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Staying in Control

I haven't written in a long time. I haven't written anything. Early last June I had a health hiccup. My mind became a swarm of bees. Lot's of order. One of the most frustrating things that arose from my issue was the total inability to have a deep thought. I lost words...couldn't find even simple words needed to communicate well. It took extra effort and was exhausting to try to keep up. It has been very frustrating and I've missed having some deep, slow, contemplative thoughts that stayed on course for more than just a minute.

Physically life goes on and I feel great..I have a ton of energy, but it's not the same. I'm in my head a lot so when I'm not feeling in control of what's going on in there, I don't know myself and I can feel disabled.

I've still had some great adventures in the last year, since June. I've tried to plan them, but ultimately I couldn't always think things through and figure things out and had to just launch anyway...with uncertainty. But, thankfully I know that things always work out and though the itinerary isn't sure and there are a lot of unknowns, I know that things DO always work out. Adventure is had. Kismet happens. Karma is sure. Ultimately it's been all good.

What can we do when things feel out of control? We have physical health issues...emotional and mental health issues. They're real even if no one else can see them. I believe we do have some control though. God does not leave us stranded. He told us how to to control the swarm of bees... what to think about. He told us clearly that if we think about certain our thoughts in specific directions, that our minds will be kept in perfect peace. And it's true. And it's our choice whether to do it or not.

So, we can control what we can control... and I choose to do that. Though my thoughts be disjointed and short and interrupted, I will keep them focused on what it good, lovely, true, praiseworthy, positive, hopeful, healthful, forgiving, gracious...

And I encourage you to control what you can. Control what you are able to. We spend a lot of time trying to control the things we are absolutely unable to actually control. So, start with the square one. Start with your thoughts. If you can't do that, you are sure to be tossed about by every breeze that comes along. If you can do it...If you choose to do it, you will find Peace, Hope, Joy, Comfort.

Give it a go!

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1 comentario

01 may 2022

Thanks for sharing friend! Pray this finds you in increasing good health and a mind at peace to let the adventures continue to unfold. Sending much love!

Me gusta
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