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Do Overs

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I was sitting on my favorite bench today looking out over the ocean watching the waves roll in, over and over and listening to Elevation Worship's song "All Things New". It made me think about being a kid and playing games to see who could win a stare down, or go the longest without blinking or laughing or talking. When someone would lose, they'd say "Do Over! Do Over!"

Do Overs are a part of our very nature... and a part of God's nature. Re-creation and re-generation is happening in us all, in our bodies and all around us. We get new cells, new days, new weeks, months and years and new seasons. The gift of God's son Jesus and his forgiveness is the greatest Do Over of all. When we accept his gift our slate is wiped clean and clear and we have the opportunity to start fresh and do life differently. It's the chance to make all things new.

I'm really taken back today by the love and grace and mercy involved in that system of renewal that He has created. I'm thankful that every day I have the opportunity for a do over... a chance to change in attitude, or direction... a fresh start... a new outlook or just to leave a day of bad choices and guilty feelings behind me. He makes all things new! He is the God of the Great Do Over!

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