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Holy Cow!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I've been out of the US of A for a few days and have been a bit removed from the news. I checked in enough to see that whatever I did look at was going to be heart wrenching. Since then, I've intentionally avoided any news from home that made me feel uneasy and uncertain.

This morning I spent some time reading in Isaiah 6, and the song which came out of that passage rang in my head for the rest of the day. I found comfort in the picture of God Almighty, seated on the throne, the seat of authority. Angels surrounded him, humbled by his glory, exalting him with praise. The train of his robes filled the temple around him with his glory. The whole earth filled with his glory. Holy. Holy. Holy.


Not uncertain.

Plan in hand.

I took the song in my heart with me as I headed out to walk through the village I'm staying in and up into the farms in the hills. Out on the roads alone the song made it's way out of my heart and into the air. I stopped to look at a couple of bulls that were tied up in a field, and stood there softly singing. The big fella that was closest to me just stared at me for a few minutes. As I got to the chorus, I kid you not, he began to moo, very softly at first, but by the time I finished up he was really going for it... a bovine spiritual fervor!

Of course I thought it was funny. But beyond that, and I know some may laugh or scoff at me for this, but I had the thought that the "human being" is the only creature/created thing that wants to put itself up on the throne with God or instead of Him. Man really wants to be glorified... to have the power, the looks and the "Likes". All around us the rest of creation shouts the majesty and glory of God. It is in the sunrises and sunsets. It is in the new born babies. ...the roaring sea, the mountains... the starry skies. And even the smooth, rounded stones on the seashore shout out and declare his glory.

And the cow in the field sings along.

Holy. Holy. Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

Seated on the throne, with every thing in submission to his authority.

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