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Great Things Small

At the beginning of the year I was soul thinking about what might be my "word for the year"... something that pops up over and over as a repeated theme that is trying to get my deeper attention. I had a few words that I was feeling out and seeing if I would settle into. "Discipline" in many areas of my life could have been better so I thought I was leaning into that one. A couple of months into the year something else really became a prevalent thought. Great Things Small.

I think that most people desire a feeling that they have some significance in their world. The quest for more "friends", "followers" and "likes" speaks to that. With the kids becoming more independent and my role in their lives shrinking I find myself, like so many other mothers in the same season, feeling invisible and, well, insignificant. My mind wanders to the idea of a "bigger stage" be seen and noticed and acknowledged. However, my heart reminds me that the most important thing I can do is to somehow positively impact just one person, personally, person to person...even in the smallest way.

How significant to bring hope where it has been lost, or to share courage with someone consumed by fear or to inspire the unmotivated, or guide the anxious to the One who gives peace?

To share these seed gifts of hope is a small act. But, to the hungry, thirsty, weary, hopeless, fear-filled, lonely, depressed and discouraged these "seeds" are Good News of Great Joy! That is significant. So, my hope is to do Great Things in Small Ways and to scatter those seeds, whenever and wherever I can.

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