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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Collins online dictionary defines the meaning of the phrase "To put someone on their heels" this way: To put one into a state of surprise, unease, or bemusement, especially such that it affects their ability to perform or function...or rock someone back on their heels,

to surprise or shock someone, and often put them at a disadvantage"

The Enemy wants us on our heels… where we are barely able to react or respond to circumstances. When we are back on our heels we are just flapping at the air and struggling to keep our balance and keep standing. We can't be very effective in this state to be a cause for good.

"Keeping someone on their toes" on the other hand, is to keep one alert and ready for anything that might happen.

Victors are found on their toes, not their heels. As children of God we are Victors. We need to be ready, perched up on our toes, leaning into our circumstances, balanced by his promises. Ready to Be-Cause, not just waiting for some Effect to happen to us that we need to respond to.

It is a reminder not to start the day on your heels...flapping the air in an attempt to stay upright. Don't start the day "behind the ball". Instead start the day like a runner who runs the race to win. On your knees first, then rise up on your toes. Ready. And run. Run to win

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