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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Everywhere I look I see people standing in and stating their alignment with their version of righteousness... people supporting BLM (for a variety of reasoning)... people supporting Trump (for a variety of reasoning)... people following their particular brand of data and science sources and denouncing all others... people voting their conscience but demeaning others who do the same... people choosing to wear masks, people opting to not wear masks. We align and affiliate ourselves with different philosophies and theologies, which is normal and expected. But it's turned so ugly. It's judgmental and critical. "I'm right and you're dead to me!" It is disheartening.

I recently stumbled across Colossians 3:15...Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, for to this your were called as members of one body... and be thankful". I realized that peace was not dwelling in my heart. The more "news" I heard or media I looked at, the more my peace evaporated. It seems that the more we listen to it, the more everything EVERYTHING becomes Us vs Them. Me vs You. It can really bring one to lose their peace.

I started thinking about all these groups broken down to individuals. Who is the looter, the quiet protestor, the person viewing the news at home and getting scared or angry, the Facebooker / commenter? Who they are in their heart of hearts? What are they really all about when they are alone with their head on the pillow at night?

Every single one of us are going to have an alone moment when we will be judged by our affiliation. The judgement will not be based on our affiliation with Trump, or Biden, Me Too, BLM, or Yoda. We will each stand in that moment as individuals. The judgement will come down to one affiliation only. I believe that in the quietness of my own soul and in the honesty that is required I need to pray everyday Psalm 139:23-24 which says "Search ME, O God, and know MY heart. Try ME and know MY anxious thoughts; and LORD, See if there be ANY hurtful, wicked, offensive way in ME, and lead me in the everlasting way..." Lead me in God's way... The way of love and humility and service and sacrifice and righteousness. What would happen in this world, country, neighborhood if we would pray God's righteousness into ourselves and make sure that we have him as our primary affiliation? It would really be a grass roots movement.

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