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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Lord is My Shepherd... because I am his, there is nothing, no thing I need that he hasn't or won't provide. That means that I have Purpose, Protection, His attention and Acknowledgment, Access to joy, peace, and hope abundant, and I have Freedom.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures... He has provided safe and peaceful places for me to rest and strengthen. And sometimes when I am too busy trying to be a very useful and important sheep, he may even allow me to wear myself out so that I have to lie down and be still and realize that Im just a sheep and need my Shepherd. He hobbles me gently.

He leads me beside the still waters... and as I safely lean down to drink, I see my reflection... and that of Him beside me... and it restores my soul. I am reminded who he is and therefore whose I am and I am strengthened and assured and made certain again.

He leads me along the righteous path, for his name's sake... My Shepherd calls me along and shows me the good way to walk, where to place my step so that my life brings glory and honor to him AND goodness to me.

Even when I walk through the valleys of shadows and darkness and death... the scary times and places, I fear no evil, for he walks with me. When life is painful and the walls are closing in I know he is with me. I know he will see me through until we make it home. I know that he has not abandoned me. His almighty power and love for me is the shield around me that wards off the touch of the Evil one.

His rod and staff comfort me... He gently yet firmly guides, corrects and disciplines me to keep me on the right paths because he loves me. That is comforting. The strong arm that uses the rod to fight off the wolf uses the staff to steer and gather me back toward safety... toward him.

He has prepared a great feast for me and my enemies will see it... I don't need to live for anyone's approval but his. If someone doesn't understand me and my life or mocks and scoffs or ridicules me because of the Shepherd I follow, I don't need to respond or defend myself. The day will come when they will "get it", and I should live and love as a beacon of light in the meantime so that they will "get it" and see the Light before that final day.

Surely, goodness and mercy will be with me now and I will dwell in his house, in his presence forever after.

Walk with me Lord and show me the way home.

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