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Lumps and Boils

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

(now that I have your attention... heeheehee)

I read a post today by someone I have referred to as a friend for about 45 years. We aren’t the same color. We never have been. I didn’t think it was a problem for us. It never effected my feelings about or toward them. I didn’t think it effected this person’s attitude toward me. But today I found that I have been “lumped in”. I am now reduced to a body with a particular shade of skin-tainer and type of world view.

The problem is that once someone gets “lumped in", then they and the rest in their lump get “boiled down”. They get reduced and over-simplified. And they are viewed as “just the same as” all the others in that lump. And then that person or friend becomes unrecognizable... “Wow, I thought I knew them.” we say. And hate grows.

Hate is just wrong, ya’ll. It destroys the Hater as much as the Hated.

But if you’re going to do it... If you’re going to hate, then at least do it personally.

Go ahead and hate an individual.

But please, stop lumping in and boiling down and generalizing with all your hatred.

God, forgive us when we ever start to think that we are the ones that are right. As well as we may think we know the big picture, we are narrow minded and our filters are flawed. We can never know the depth of your thoughts or the detail of your ways. We cannot know the scope of your compassion or of your judgement. For even in the moments of our greatest wisdom we fall short of the knowledge and understanding required to know the mind of God.

None of us are right, but you.

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